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Welcome to Unisource Technology
Unisource Technology
39 New Elephant Road, Kazi Bhaban (6 th Floor)

You need custom software development services that will simplify your day-to-day business activity, so you can focus on your core business needs and boost profitability.

We are a client-driven group of IT professionals, committed to provide you with the best possible custom software development services available.

We seek to build trusted relationships with our clients, providing custom software solutions for simple to complex needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Each of our programmers has a variety of technical skills. Our team provides the professional expertise needed to develop an integrated technology solution. Together we offer a comprehensive set of aptitudes to help our clients quickly achieve the maximum benefits from their technology.
Database applications are a major part of our business. We have the experience necessary to work with the data structures, schemes, and SQL queries upon which our clients rely, depend, and trust. Since we opened for business in 2001, almost 350+ clients all over Bangladesh using our software. We've created one of a kind 'Online ERP Solutions' for warranty or non-warranty product related companies. And we delivered Computer Sales Management System, Mobile Sales & Distributions Management System, Pharmaceuticals Management System, CNG Station Solutions, ISP Management Systems, One Stop Solutions, Garments Accessories Management System, LC Management System, Trading Business Solutions, Constructions Solutions and Healthcare Management System. Interfaces of this nature allow our clients to process large amounts of data between unlike systems in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

What's we do

  • Provide custom software development services
  • Write software development plans tailored to your needs
  • Design, implement and maintain new custom software solutions
  • Enhance and maintain existing systems
  • Provide onsite analysis of needs and detailed solutions
  • Web design, integration and deployment
  • Database design and implementation
  • Interface design between similar and dissimilar systems
  • Data encryption to ensure security
  • Documentation creation and ease-of-use training materials
  • Ongoing follow up and technical support